Our global information security team is working hard to protect Sony's information assets, services and products and the confidentiality of customer information, but we're always willing to accept more help. We recognize the valuable role that the research community plays in enhancing our security posture and welcome the opportunity to partner with that community.

The Secure@Sony program accepts reports of bugs that provide a potential attacker with the ability to compromise the integrity, availability or confidentiality of Sony products, services or information technology infrastructure and that meet our submission guidelines. If you believe you've found a qualifying security vulnerability in a Sony product or website, we want to hear from you.

If you wish to submit a vulnerability to the PlayStation Bug Bounty Program, please visit , which includes details on the PlayStation assets that qualify. To submit a vulnerability for all other Sony products or websites, please visit You will be redirected to a third-party site where you will find more information on submission guidelines and be able to submit a report. We'll make every effort to investigate submissions in a timely manner.